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After-sales service //

Yinfeng is proud to continue to provide timely customer service and support after each machine is sold. Yinfeng's experienced technicians are always on call to ensure that downtime is reduced so your equipment reaches productivity.

    Customers receive a complete package of after-sales services.

  • 1. Operator and maintenance training with free telephone technical support during the life of your Yinfeng equipment.
  • 2. A factory-trained team of service technicians is available upon request.
  • 3. Available diagnostic software support with instant remote diagnostic reports for your (specific model or not) equipment.
Yinfeng offers a comprehensive training program that can be tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Whether you have purchased a new spring machine, upgraded an existing metal profile forming machine, or an experienced employee is approaching retirement, we can answer your questions and provide training to keep your business productive. We provide training for all machine purchases and upgrades, and CNC software updates can be seamlessly integrated into your system.
Trust us //
Training Content.
We provide a comprehensive service that can support customers through telephone, digital remote capabilities, and online service diagnostics and repairs.
  • 1. Understand customer needs

    Communicate in-depth with customers to understand their business needs, production scale, skill level, etc., to provide them with the appropriate training program.

  • 2. Equipment operation training

    For spring machines of different models and functions, provide detailed operation training, including equipment startup, commissioning, production process control, troubleshooting, etc., to ensure that customers can operate the equipment proficiently.

  • 3. Maintenance and care training

    Teach customers how to perform daily maintenance and regular maintenance of equipment to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate.

  • 4. Safety training

    Emphasis on safety precautions during equipment operation to ensure that customers follow safety regulations during production and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • 5. Programming and parameter setting training

    Teach how to perform equipment programming and parameter setting according to customer product requirements to achieve the production of different types of springs.

  • 6. Fault diagnosis and maintenance training

    Provide training on equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance to help customers solve problems that may be encountered during production.

  • 7. Training material provision

    Provide detailed training manuals, operation guides, video tutorials, and other materials for customers to review and refer to after training.

  • 8. After-sales support

    After the training, we provide after-sales support for a certain period to answer questions that customers encounter during actual operation and ensure that they can use the equipment smoothly.