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CNC-YF-1026 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine

CNC-YF-1026 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine

CNC-YF-1026 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine

Twelve groups of servo motors independently control ten stations, including core rotation, wire feeding, warp rotation and wire rotation. Quick adjusting machine (more than 50% faster than CAM machine, more than 10% faster than similar products)
The drive mode of imported servo motor and precision ball screw ensures high precision, long service life and high stability.
The cutter seat adopts a parallel heavy load double guide rail sliding block to ensure high rigidity.
Simple operation, friendly interface, computer automatic detection of the health status of the whole machine and alarm.
The manufacturing process of high-precision wire box gear can keep the wire feeding accuracy for a long time.
Broad application core, suitable for the production of a variety of special-shaped spring, wire forming, tension spring, compression spring, torsion spring, flat spring, volute coil spring, etc.


Technical Parameters
Model YF-1026  Total output power of servo motor 9.45Kw
Wire diameter 0.2-2.5mm  Input voltage 380V
Max Wire Feed instruction value 10000.00mm  Program data storage  More than 2000 pcs
Min Wire Feed instruction value 0.01mm  Pneumatic system (pressure) 5-6KG/cm
Max Wire Feed speed 100m/min  Pneumatic system (probe)  3pcs
Max Wire Feed length  Infinite length  Machine sizes 1600×1100×1800mm
Axles number 10 axles Machine weiaht 1200KG


The 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine represents an advancement in the field of spring manufacturing. Designed to meet the demands of modern production environments, this innovative machine offers unparalleled flexibility, precision, and efficiency.

Advanced Design and Functionality:
At the heart of the 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine lies its revolutionary cam-free and rocker-free design. Unlike traditional spring-forming machines that rely on cumbersome cam activation, this advanced system is driven by numerous servo motors, providing precise control over each axis. This design enables the production of a wide range of springs, including compression springs, double torsion springs, battery springs, flat springs (clockwork springs), and various other wire forms.

Precision and Versatility:
With a wire diameter capacity ranging from 0.2mm to 2.5mm, this machine offers versatility to accommodate diverse production needs. Whether manufacturing intricate springs with complex geometries or standard springs with uniform specifications, the 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine delivers unparalleled precision and consistency. Each spring is formed with meticulous accuracy, ensuring compliance with the stringent quality standards.

Efficiency and Ease of Operation:
One of the key advantages of the 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine is its user-friendly interface and computerized operation. Unlike traditional machines that require manual adjustment and cam activation, this advanced system streamlines the production process, saving valuable time and resources. Operators can easily program the machine to produce specific spring designs, adjust parameters on the fly, and monitor performance in real time, improving productivity and efficiency.

Stability and Reliability:
Built upon a foundation of robust engineering and advanced technology, the 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine delivers unmatched stability and reliability in operation. Each component is engineered to withstand the rigors of continuous production, ensuring less downtime and uptime. Moreover, the machine's ability to quickly debug and fine-tune settings further enhances its reliability, enabling seamless integration into any manufacturing environment.

In conclusion, the 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine represents the next evolution in spring manufacturing technology. With its precision engineering, seamless operation, versatile capabilities, and user-friendly interface, it offers a compelling solution for a wide range of industries. From automotive to electronics, this machine empowers manufacturers to achieve results with efficiency, reliability, and precision. Experience the future of spring forming with the 10-axis Camless Spring Forming Machine.

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