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CNC-YF-4-60/4-80 4-axis 2D Flat Wire Bending Machine

CNC-YF-4-60/4-80 4-axis 2D Flat Wire Bending Machine

CNC-YF-4-60/4-80 4-axis 2D Flat Wire Bending Machine

The fluctuation of power supply current and voltage in more than 1 second should be within ±5%, and the equipment can operate normally.
The distance between the automatic feeding rack and the main machine is more than 2000mm.
The device is equipped with a USB interface for data reading.
The computer operating system is equipped with a checking device, which can stop the machine automatically when it is not normal. The machine can stop the machine automatically when the man-machine interface is displayed, and the machine can stop the machine automatically when the specified output is reached.
Lubricating grease shall be regularly added to the gearbox and guide rail slider after the equipment is used, with a period of 60 working days.


Technical Parameters
Model YF-4-60 YF-4-80
Wire diameter Φ2.0mm-Φ6.0mm Φ2.0mm-Φ6.0mm iron wire Φ3.0mm-Φ8.0mm Φ3.0mm-Φ8.0mm iron wire
Axdes number 4 axdes 4 axdes
Wire Feed length Infinite Infinite
Wire Feed speed 100Meter/Min 100Meter/Min
Wire Feed instruction value ±0.01-±9999.99 ±0.01-±9999.99
Cam instruction value ±0.1°-359.9 ±0.1°-359.9°
Wire feed shaft servo power 2.9KW 2.7KW
Torsion shaft servo power 1.0KW 1.2KW
Lifting platform servo power 0.75KW 0.75KW
Cut shaft servo motor 0.75KW 0.75KW
Machine weight 1200KG 1800KG
Machine sizes 2400x×850×1650mm 2750×950×1650mm


computer startup, shutdown speed is fast, simple, and convenient to operate, supports multi-language operation, the computer interface can adjust the speed and change the program at the same time of production;
the configuration of the use of imported high-precision high-speed servo motor, imported reducer, stable and durable production speed is more than 30% higher than the domestic counterparts of the same kind of products;
The production process can achieve no change in the Angle when the Angle is folded at different speeds, and the production stability is better;
Bearings, gear, and other important parts of the imported parts, 9125 hours of warranty, durable and reliable equipment;
High precision, can be made within the range of 2.0-14 mm wire diameter wire molding products, the error is reduced to 0.1mm;
good after-sales service system: provide technical training support free of charge! Equipment lifetime maintenance.

Product Details:
Advanced 4-Axis Technology: At the heart of our machine lies its sophisticated 4-axis system, enabling precise manipulation of wire in two dimensions. This technology ensures intricate shapes and forms can be achieved with unparalleled accuracy.
Wide Wire Diameter Range: With a wire diameter capacity ranging from Φ2.0mm to Φ6.0mm, our machine accommodates a variety of iron wire sizes, offering versatility in production processes.
Fully Automatic Operation: Equipped with advanced automation capabilities, our 2D wire bending machine expertly produces wire forms fully automatically. This not only streamlines production but also reduces the need for manual intervention, reducing labor costs and enhancing efficiency.

Correct installation and placement
After the machine is placed in the workshop, the need for sufficient ground grounding, manufacturers in the process of transportation, there is a board at the bottom, the need to take the board off, pad rubber pad, the purpose of this is to prevent wire molding machine production process, not due to the machine running vibration.
Add oil and butter regularly.
Refueling position is mainly curly, wire box, transmission gear, and other places, long-term maintenance of the wire forming machine part of the running in place of oil lubrication, generally a week to check the butter.
Keep the machine clean.
Every day before work, the staff need to clean the surface of the wire-forming machine. If it is not cleaned for a long time and oil accumulates, there will be the possibility of changing the circuit parameters, and long-term erosion of dust, so that the machine surface aging, affecting its appearance.
Normal operation and use
Special care should be taken not to produce products beyond the line diameter range, so as not to reduce the accuracy of the equipment. The machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture from rusting or damaging the circuit. Can achieve timely and careful maintenance of the machine, can maintain the precision and stability of the wire molding machine, extend the service life, and also can reduce the repair rate of the machine.

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