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CNC-YF-1245/1250 12-axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine

CNC-YF-1245/1250 12-axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine

CNC-YF-1245/1250 12-axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine

Unique cam-free and non-rocker arm design, controlled by multiple groups of servomotors independently, can produce a variety of special-shaped springs, compression springs, double torsion springs, battery springs, flat springs (clockwork springs), and a variety of wire molding, bending wire, etc. Precise, accurate, fast, stable, and reliable.

No CAM, no rocker arm design (the speed of the adjusting machine is more than 50% faster than the traditional CAM machine, the production speed is fast, accurate positioning, stable operation).
A full rolling guide rail can keep the accuracy for a long time.
No collision and heat, composite tool to complete all procedures, low tool loss.
Intelligent module, automatic detection, and alarm.
Windows window operation, English and Chinese display, easy to learn and use.
Domestic original use of camera photodetection, and can automatically correct the function, better improve the precision of the machine!


Technical Parameters
 Model YF-1245 YF-1250
Wire diameter 1.2-4.5mm 1.5-5.0mm
Max Wire Feed instruction value 10000.00mm 10000.00mm
Min Wire Feed instruction value 0.01mm 0.01mm
Max Wire Feed speed 80m/min 100m/min
Max Wire Feed length Infinite length  Infinite length
Axles number 12 axles  12 axles
Total output power of servo motor 20.2Kw 28.9Kw
Input voltage 380V 380V
Program data storage More than 2000 pcs  More than 2000 pcs
Pneumatic system(pressure) 5-6KG/cm 5-6KG/cm
Pneumatic system(probe) 3个 3pcs 3个 3pcs
Machine sizes 2200×2000×2200mm 2200×2300×2100mm
Machine weight 3000KG 3500KG


The 12-axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine is a tool in the field of spring manufacturing. This advanced piece of machinery is designed to meet the growing demands of precision and efficiency in the industry. With its unique cam-free design and computer-operated system, it offers a new level of control and versatility that is different from traditional spring-forming machines.

Key Features:
Versatile Wire Handling: The machine is capable of handling a wide range of wire diameters from 1.2mm to 5.0mm, making it suitable for a variety of spring applications.
User-Friendly Operation: The 12-Axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine is designed for ease of use. It eliminates the need for cam activation, simplifying the operation process.
Computerized Control: The entire system is controlled by a computer, allowing for precise and accurate adjustments to the spring-forming process.
Stability and Efficiency: The machine is built to be stable and time-saving, ensuring consistent production with less downtime.

The 12-Axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine is not limited to standard spring shapes. It can produce a wide array of special-shaped springs, including:
Compression Springs: The machine can form compression springs with high precision, meeting the exacting standards required in various industries.
Double Torsion Springs: It is capable of producing double torsion springs with complex geometries that are essential for intricate applications.
Battery Springs: Specifically designed to meet the demands of the electronics industry, the machine can manufacture battery springs with accuracy.
Flat Springs: Also known as clockwork springs, these can be produced with the same level of precision and quality that the machine is known for.
Wire Molding and Bending: Beyond traditional spring shapes, the machine can also be used for wire molding and bending applications, further expanding its capabilities.

The 12-axis Camless Wire Spring Forming Machine represents a leap forward in spring manufacturing technology. With its innovative design, advanced functionalities, and unparalleled precision, it empowers manufacturers to elevate their production capabilities and meet the evolving demands of today's competitive market landscape. From its versatile spring production capabilities to its optimized performance and reliability, this machine emerges as a cornerstone of efficiency and great in the manufacturing realm.

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