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CNC-YF-8322/8335 Cam Spring Forming Machine

CNC-YF-8322/8335 Cam Spring Forming Machine

CNC-YF-8322/8335 Cam Spring Forming Machine

Procurement of computer control systems and servo motors imported from Taiwan;
The computer has a Chinese interface, easy to operate, accurate positioning, the computer can control three to eight servo motors, and all motors can run synchronously or independently;
It is equipped with a precision detection and tracking system. If there are unqualified products, the machine can stop automatically;
According to the working conditions on the fluorescent screen, the outer diameter Angle of the product can be corrected at any time;
Automatic lubrication and oil supply design for automatic mechanical parts to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment;
When the wireless, wire breaking, winding automatic stop design and wireframe automatic acceleration function, so that the production more easily and effectively;
Suitable for the production of double torsion springs, straight springs, pagoda springs, tension springs, rectangular springs, wire molding, steel volute springs, springs, and a variety of fancy springs, complex and difficult-shaped springs (computer spring machines).


Technical Parameters:
Model YF-8322 YF-8335
Wire diameter of coiled material Φ0.2-Φ2.5mm(Iron wireΦ0.5-Φ3.5mm) Φ0.2-Φ2.5mm(iron wireΦ0.5-Φ3.5mm) Φ0.5-Φ3.5mm(Iron wireΦ1.0-Φ5.0mm) Φ0.5-Φ3.5mm(iron wireΦ1.0-Φ5.0mm)
Max outer diameter of coiled spring MaxΦ60mm MaxΦ80 mm
Wire Feed instruction value ±0.01-±9999.99 ±0.01-±9999.99
Max Wire Feed speed 0-110m/min 0-110m/min
Cam instruction value ±0.1°-±359.9° ±0.1°-±359.9°
Cam rotation speed 1-100RPM 1-60RPM
Wire feed servo power 2.7KW 4.5KW
Core-switching servo motor 0.75KW 1.0KW
Cam servo motor 2.7KW 4.5KW
Power supply 380V± 10%V50HZ 380V±10%V50HZ
Size 1500×900×1900mm 1700×1300×2000mm
weight 800KG 1500KG


In the world of wire-forming machinery, the Cam Spring Forming Machine stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking precision and affordability. With its versatile capabilities and robust design, this machine caters to a wide range of applications, offering consistent performance and nice value for money.

Efficiency Redefined: At the heart of the Cam Spring Forming Machine lies its unparalleled efficiency. With a wire diameter range spanning from 0.2mm to 3.5mm (0.5mm to 5.0mm for iron wire), it offers versatility that accommodates a wide array of spring manufacturing needs. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Its affordability makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes, especially those looking to invest in reliable machinery without breaking the bank.

Versatile Applications: From automotive components to household appliances, the Cam Spring Forming Machine caters to a diverse range of industries and applications. Its adaptability allows for the production of various spring designs, wire forms, and other customized parts, fulfilling the unique requirements of each client.

Efficiency in Operation: Despite its simplicity, the Cam Spring Forming Machine excels in efficiency. With streamlined processes and intuitive controls, operators can maximize productivity while maintaining consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Reliability and Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, the Cam Spring Forming Machine is a reliable workhorse that delivers day in and day out. Its sturdy construction and robust components ensure longevity, reducing downtime and improving uptime for businesses.

User-Friendly Design: Despite its advanced capabilities, the Cam Spring Forming Machine remains user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy setup procedures. Operators can quickly familiarize themselves with the machine, reducing training time and enhancing overall efficiency.

Support and Service: Backed by a team of experienced professionals, the Cam Spring Forming Machine comes with comprehensive support and service options. Whether it's technical assistance, maintenance, or training, customers can rely on prompt and responsive support to keep their operations running smoothly.

Adaptability to Changing Needs: In a dynamic manufacturing landscape, flexibility is key. The Cam Spring Forming Machine offers scalability and adaptability to meet evolving production requirements, ensuring that businesses can stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

The Cam Spring Forming Machine embodies a good balance between precision and affordability. While its description may be modest, its performance speaks volumes, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their wire-forming processes without compromising on quality or budget.

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All our systems and servo motors are manufactured with mature technology from Japan and Taiwan and directly use their related supporting products. Our company's equipment has the characteristics of high wire feeding precision, stable and accurate molding action, and a novel and pleasant appearance, which is deeply favored by customers.

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